Steps To Take After Purchasing A New Vehicle

Close up of a couple receiving keys from a salesperson after buying a new car in a showroom. Copy space.

There is nothing quite as exciting as purchasing a new car. As you sign the last bit of paperwork, you may be thinking of the things you want to do in your new vehicle like family road trips or off-roading adventures. You may even consider vehicle customization to personalize your model, but Car and Driver points out a few more important steps to take after purchasing your new vehicle.

Take Care of All the Paperwork

When you buy a new vehicle the pile of paperwork can be a bit intimidating. The bottom line of all this documentation is to prove that you have purchased the car and are now the owner. After taking the time to fill out and sign all the paperwork, take care to keep all the documents. This includes saving the bill of sale. You may want to organize your paperwork, saving it in a folder that you keep somewhere safe. A good place to keep the paperwork for your vehicle may be in the glove compartment, especially if you can lock the compartment. You will typically find the car’s owner’s manual in the glove compartment. This is also an important item to keep. It is a good rule of thumb to read it so that you can understand the vehicle’s manual.

Register Your Car

There’s a lot of paperwork given up front, but there are still a few more items you have to take care of when you leave the dealership. The most important one is acquiring the title. This process often has to go through the state and may take some time to come back to you.

As you will be driving your car off the lot, it is important to get temporary tags until you can register your new vehicle. The dealership will usually give you these temporary tags. It is important to note that you cannot complete the registration process without first getting insurance, so one of the first steps you take after purchasing your model needs to be insuring your car.

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Set Up a Maintenance Schedule

When you buy a new vehicle, the last thing you may be thinking about is setting up a maintenance schedule. However, it is important to get your new car checked out whether it is a new or a new-for-you model. This means that you need to find a trusted mechanic to bring your car to. Before you visit a service center or auto shop, you may also want to understand the warranty terms as well as check for recalls on your model, so you can know what is covered by the warranty or the manufacturer versus what you will have to care of yourself. Along with finding a reliable auto center for your car maintenance needs, you may want to consider joining a roadside assistance program as well.

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