Spend Your Wednesdays in May at the Weekly Umbrella Market in Uptown

Farmers' food market stall with variety of organic vegetables.

Fresh produce is on the menu at the weekly Umbrella Market in Uptown. This farmers market is held every Wednesday evening from May through August. It starts at 5 p.m. and wraps up at 8 p.m., so stop by on Wednesdays after work to browse through the offerings.

What You’ll Find

Farmers markets are known for offering fresh produce, and you will certainly find that at the Umbrella Market. That is just part of what this market has to offer, though. You will also be able to pick up seafood, artisan cheese, and homemade ice cream and yogurt. You can also get some local craft brews to add to your refrigerator. In addition, you can find jewelry, handmade art, and vintage items. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder this is such a popular market.

Listen to Music and Watch Demonstrations at the Market

Musicians are also allowed to perform at the market. You never know what type of music you might hear when you stop by. From singer-songwriters to jazz quartets, there is always something exciting going on.

You can also take in some demonstrations when you visit. The Greenville Fire and Rescue team and the Early Literacy Coalition both put on demonstrations last year, and they might make the rounds again this year. With various activities, the Umbrella Market more than just a place to go shopping. It is a real event, so come every week so you don’t miss anything. You want to make sure you can join in the conversation on Thursdays when all of your friend and co-workers talk about the great band or fun demonstration they saw the previous day at the Umbrella Market.

Become a Vendor

If you have something to sell or a special skill, you can also apply to become a vendor at the market. Fill out the application to see if you qualify.


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