How Servicing Your Honda Helps You Do Your Part on Earth Day

Honda service appointments

You know that you need to service your Honda to keep it running, but that’s only part of the story. When you service your Honda, you will actually do your part to help the planet. If you care about the environment, servicing your vehicle is a must.

Keep Your Spark Plugs Firing

When you get your Honda serviced, the technician will check all of your spark plugs. You might not realize it, but you need all of your spark plugs in working order if you’re going to be kind to the environment. If a single spark plug isn’t working properly, your fuel efficiency can go down by as much as 30 percent. All of those trips to the pump are bad for the earth, so make sure you’re firing on all cylinders.

Don’t Ignore the Check Engine Light

Hondas have cleaner emissions than vehicles did in the past. The company keeps the tailpipe emissions clean with finely tuned engines and well-running exhaust systems. When the Check Engine light comes on, it might mean that you have an issue with the engine or exhaust system, which will cause your vehicle to emit dirty emissions. Keep the emissions clean by getting your vehicle serviced.

Watch Your Tires

Everyone has a story about riding around on bald tires. It is a rite of passage. Now that you have gone through the rite of passage, you need to keep your tires properly inflated and aligned at all times. Poorly inflated and misaligned tires make your engine work harder. All that hard work causes you to spend more time at the pump. Reduce your fuel consumption by having a technician check your tires every time you bring your vehicle in for service.

Change the Oil

Going in for regular oil changes is also essential for helping the environment. Dirty oil leads to a dirty engine and foul emissions. When you keep the oil clean, your engine and emissions stay clean.

It is best to stick with a certified Honda service team when servicing your vehicle. The team at Barbour Hendrick Honda in Greenville, NC, is experienced at working on Hondas. The ASE Certified Technicians provide high-quality repairs quickly so you will be back out on the road in no time at all.