When to Schedule Honda Service

Mechanic at a car garage

Hondas are built to last, but that longevity comes by keeping regularly scheduled maintenance appointments. If you’re a new Honda owner, you might not be aware of when you need to schedule an appointment for vehicle maintenance. Keep this Honda maintenance schedule handy so your that Honda will purr like a kitten for years to come.

Every 7,500 Miles or 12 Months

It is necessary to replace the engine oil every 7,500 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first. This is important, as failure to do so could lead to a serious engine problem. If you want to keep your Honda up and running, keep this appointment.

Every 15,000 Miles

Your vehicle will also need to be serviced every 15,000 miles. During these service appointments, the technician will:

  • Replace the engine oil filter
  • Inspect the brakes
  • Check parking brake adjustment
  • Visually inspect tire rods, exhaust systems, and more

Every 30,000 Miles

Your Honda service department will also need to service your vehicle at every 30,000 miles. Your technician will:

  • Replace air cleaner element
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Inspect and adjust drive belts

Your technician will also inspect your valve clearance during your first appointment. *This isn’t necessary after 30,000 miles.

45,000 Miles

When your Honda hits 45,000 miles, you need to take it to the service center to:

  • Replace the engine coolant (45,000, 75,000, and 105,000 miles)
  • Replace the brake fluid (every 45,000 miles)

Every 105,000 Miles

A proper inspection at 105,000 miles is necessary if you’re going to stay on the road. During this inspection, your Honda service team will:

  • Replace the timing belt
  • Inspect the water pump
  • Inspect the idle speed

This is a standard maintenance schedule, but you might need to follow another schedule if you drive under severe conditions, such as driving less than 5 miles in freezing conditions, undergoing extensive idling, or driving on muddy roads. It is best to talk to the Honda service team at Barbour Hendrick Honda in Greenville, NC to determine the schedule that is best for you. Our professionals can even set you up with service reminders so that you never miss a service appointment!

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