Does My Honda Need New Brakes?

Does My Honda Need New Brakes?
Of all the impressive safety features available in vehicles today, there is still none more integral than your brakes. Maintaining optimal brakes is essential to the security of you and everyone on board, so if you ever notice any brake trouble, don’t delay. Bring your vehicle in to our service center for brake maintenance by trained professionals.

How To Tell If Your Car Needs New Brakes

If you ever feel like your vehicle does not come to a stop as smoothly as it should, or if it makes a lot of noise in the process, don’t hesitate to seek a professional inspection. There are a variety of warning signs to look out for, and while they vary from car to car, several common issues may catch your attention.

Listen out for screeching or whining sounds, and pay attention to any grinding sensation as you apply the brakes. You may also feel the vehicle shake or vibrate as you come to a stop. On the other hand, the brakes may also feel loose or seem unresponsive when you apply pressure. In any case, we encourage you to bring your vehicle to us at the first sign of trouble.

If your vehicle vibrates as it comes to a stop, there are two common issues that could be to blame. If your suspension is out of alignment, the uneven ride may cause shaking and pulling to the side. However, the vibrations could also be a sign of warped rotors. Your rotors may become damaged by long stretches of intense braking, like when you tow a heavy load or ride down a steep incline.

If you hear a grinding noise, that could indicate that your brake pads have been worn down entirely, and there’s nothing preventing metal from contacting metal. When this happens, your rotors can be damaged by the constant scraping of the disc and caliper. Your car may also pull to one side as you brake, suggesting that the brake linings have worn more on one side than the other.

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Find Professional Service at Barbour Hendrick Honda

Putting off brake maintenance will only allow these issues to grow worse, so if you ever suspect that your brakes are not what they should be, let us help. At Barbour Hendrick Honda, our expert technicians can do everything necessary to restore your vehicle to the optimal condition. Your safety is our top priority, so schedule your service with us whenever you need to.

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