Enjoy “Our Town” & More at the Magnolia Arts Center

Group of young performers on the stage at the Magnolia Arts Center

Greenville, North Carolina is known for its entertainment, education, and one of the best states for careers. One of the major attractions that the city is known for is the BMX ProTown USA. It is the centralized location for many BMX riders. Many visitors, as well as residents, visit places like the Greenville convention center, West Meadowbrook Park, kayaking, and canoeing, as well as the numerous theater, shows given. The theater show is among one of the most popular activities for families to visit in the area. Theaters across the United States are known for their tragic and yet comedic performances in the arts. The Magnolia Arts Center (MAC) is a popular community interest not only among the residents but all visitors coming to enjoy the town. This article will clearly focus on the theatrical entertainment in the community.

Magnolia Arts Center

Experiencing a theater show with the family is a must and an enjoyable experience. As the consumer, you are instantly given the opportunity to save a substantial amount of money through discounts. You can save up to 26% by purchasing season tickets here. One of the many plays you can enjoy is “Our Town” which starts in June. The current season lineup is:

  • June – Our Town
  • July – Ten Minute Play Festival
  • August – Hairspray

Magnolia Arts Center Experience

To find a theater that offers classes to its audience members is exceptionally unique. The Magnolia Arts Center offers spring and summer classes. You will be exposed to a fun environment where learning about theater is highly interactive. Writers are not forgotten as they also have the opportunity to participate in the annual playwriting contest.

Big dreams brewed for the community as the Magnolia Arts Center (MAC) was founded. It all started in the fall of 2005, and in less than 10 short years expansion hit in North Carolina regarding theater performances. The community takes pride as it continues to provide some fun exciting events for all people and families to participate in.

You won’t want to miss these theater classics this summer. If you are looking for safe transportation to get you and your family there, make sure when you are in the Greenville area you also, stop by Hendrick Honda Bradenton. See you there!

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