How to Change a Blown Fuse in Your Honda

Hand showing how to check a blown fuse

Fuses sacrifice themselves to prevent the electrical system from overloading. They are the true martyrs of the auto world. While some people take their vehicles in to replace a blown fuse, that is unnecessary. Follow some steps to change your fuse on your own. Then, you can roll up your sleeves and get to work every time a fuse gives it all to protect your vehicle.

Remove the Fuse Panel Cover

If you don’t know where your fuse panel is located, check your owner’s manual. Then, remove the cover and flip it over to view the diagram. The diagram shows you each fuse’s function.

Remove the Blown Fuse

You might be able to find the fuse based on its function. If not, you can locate it by looks. Blown fuses typically have a broken metal filament or the inside is black. This makes it easy to find the blown fuse. Once you find it, use your hands to take it out. If it breaks, it will be very difficult to remove, so do this with a surgeon’s precision.

Replace the Fuse

You need to get a fuse that has the correct amperage. Your owner’s manual and fuse panel will both have the amperage for the blown fuse. Once you have the fuse, slide it into the fuse panel.

Check Your Work

While replacing a fuse is simple, it’s always a good idea to check your work. Turn on the ignition to make sure that the fuse works. If it blows immediately, you might have a more serious problem on your hands. Then, it’s time to take your vehicle to the local mechanic to get some additional help.

Load Up on Fuses

After you change your fuse, it’s a good idea to load up on fuses of different amperages so you will always have the tools you need if you blow a fuse. Put them in the glove box so you can access them on the go.

Don’t Have the Right Fuse?

What happens if you load up on fuses, only to blow one that you don’t have? If you’re in a jam, you can switch out fuses. The key is to take a fuse for a less important function. Let’s say that you blow the fuse for your power windows and you plan to go through the drive-through. You can take the fuse from your rear windshield wiper as long as there isn’t rain in the forecast. Just make sure to replace the fuse immediately. Also, make sure the fuses are of the same amperage.

If you change your fuse and it still doesn’t work, take your vehicle to Barbour-Hendrick Honda in Greenville, North Carolina, and let the pros take over. The team specializes in Hondas and can locate and fix the problem quickly.


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