2019 Honda Odyssey vs. 2019 Toyota Sienna

Odyssey Comparison

In the ultimate battle of the minivan, you have to pit the 2019 Honda Odyssey against the 2019 Toyota Sienna. In so doing, you’ll see that both of these vehicles are worthy contenders, with plenty to offer in the way of spaciousness and family-friendly offerings. They put a bold new spin on the minivan of yore, which – let’s face it – has gotten kind of a bad rap over the years. These modern-day minivans show drivers that this type of vehicle has come a long way, and that it can be much more than a functional family hauler. Below, we’ll explore how the Honda Odyssey and the Toyota Sienna stack up in a few key areas – and then see a clear winner emerge.

How They’re Similar

The Odyssey and the Sienna both offer top-notch safety and protective elements that boost confidence when you’re traveling with all of your most precious cargo onboard. They also boast excellent driving dynamics, with muscular engines and a smooth ride. The cabins of both the Odyssey and the Sienna are spacious and comfortable, ensuring that all your family travels will be as peaceful and enjoyable as possible. If you’ve ever set off on a road trip in a vehicle that offers cramped interior accommodations, you know how important that space is!

How the Odyssey Pulls Ahead

It’s just as important to keep your occupants entertained on the road as it is to keep them safe and comfortable. The 2019 Odyssey goes above and beyond to provide the cutting-edge technology features and connectivity you need to make sure everyone remains happily occupied for the duration of the journey. Edging out the Sienna with its beyond-basic infotainment system, the Odyssey also offers a built-in vacuum, Honda-exclusive Magic Seats for superior cabin versatility, and more room overall. The Sienna has its fair share of tech goodies, but it’s not compatible with Android phones, and its design seems rather dated next to the stylish and eye-catching Odyssey.

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