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Keeping drivers, passengers, and pedestrians safe is a top priority for Honda. That’s why Honda builds a basic comprehensive package of safety and driver assistance features into every vehicle they manufacture.  On top of that, the manufacturer offers a robust list of available features. To find out more about how Honda puts your safety first, read on. We’ll give you the details of some of the features you’ll come to enjoy as a Honda driver.

Active Safety Features

Your rearview mirror is a great tool for viewing the road behind you. But, when you’re parking or backing out of a parking space, a rearview camera will give you more clarity. With Honda’s multi-angle camera, you can view the objects directly behind your vehicle from three different angles. You’ll have the option to use normal, top-down, or wide-angle. The multi-angle rearview camera is a standard feature on all new Honda vehicles as well as Honda’s Active Stability Systems. The Active Stability systems include traction control, anti-lock braking system, electronic brake distribution, and brake assist.

Passive Safety Features

We know. Passive safety doesn’t sound nearly as dynamic, but these features are crucial to keeping everyone inside your Honda as safe as possible during a collision. The first of these standard features is the ACE™ Body Structure. This feature is part of the base structure of every Honda and helps protect occupants during a front-end collision. The second feature may seem simple but can have a huge impact – your front seat belts. Honda’s front seat belts are designed with a pretensioner and load limiter to reduce the pressure the seat belt places on the occupant during a collision. Finally, every Honda vehicle is designed with Advanced Airbag Technology.

Honda Safety Sense®

Perhaps the more exciting features are Honda’s Safety Sense® features. Honda designed these features as an extra set of eyes on the road. The features include:

  • Collision Mitigation Braking System™ – This feature applies emergency breaks when a collision is detected.
  • Roade Departure Mitigation System™ – When you enable this feature, your Honda will automatically adjust your steering and braking if you cross a lane without signaling.
  • Lane Keeping Assistance System – Similar to the above feature, you can use this system to help you stay centered in your lane.
  • Traffic Sign Recognition – Using this feature will keep you aware of the traffic signs you pass.

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