A Look At Honda’s Eco-Friendly Vehicles

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There is an ever-growing concern for our environment, and Honda has done its share to reduce carbon emissions by creating eco-friendly vehicles. Hybrid models like the Accord Hybrid and CR-V Hybrid have been part of Honda’s vehicle lineup for many years, continuing to improve with each year model debut. The Japanese car manufacturer does have a history of creating electric vehicles, but Honda is taking greater steps to create exceptional EVs like the Prologue. Take a closer look at Honda’s eco-friendly vehicles for yourself to see which model is right for you.

CR-V Hybrid

The midsize SUV CR-V Hybrid offers a simple design with excellent handling, thanks to features like Real Time AWD with Intelligent Control System and the various drive modes such as Sport and Snow you can select to optimize driving performance. The CR-V Hybrid is powered by a 2.0-liter, direct-injection Atkinson engine that outputs 204 horsepower. The CR-V Hybrid also offers plenty of cargo space. All these features make this Honda hybrid model ideal for those who love to adventure in the great outdoors.

Accord Hybrid

For those who live in the city dealing with traffic and finding a parking space, you may be inclined to own the Accord Hybrid. This Honda midsize sedan is very eco-friendly with a hybrid powertrain that sometimes be driven in electric-only EV mode. While reducing carbon emissions, the Accord Hybrid does not reduce its style or technological savviness. With refined curves and lines as well as a distinct grille and available leather seating, the Accord Hybrid offers a deluxe driving experience that is complemented by entertaining technology features like a Google built-in.


The newest addition to Honda’s eco-friendly lineup is the Prologue. Honda’s first-ever all-electric SUV will soon be available at car dealerships in 2024. The Prologue is exquisitely designed and spacious, making it perfect for the modern family.

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Find Your Eco-Friendly Honda at Barbour Hendrick Honda

As you can see, the CR-V Hybrid, Accord Hybrid, and Prologue are exemplars of Honda’s ingenuity as they provide a fun, quiet, and fuel-efficient driving experience. If you are determined to own an eco-friendly vehicle to do your part in reducing carbon emissions, then you can find the CR-V Hybrid and Accord Hybrid at Barbour Hendrick Honda’s car lot as well as the Prologue which will soon make its debut at car dealerships.







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