Brake Noises To Never Ignore

Mechanic working on brakes

The latest vehicle models boast many safety features to keep you and your loved ones safe. Still, the most important safety feature you need for your car is the brakes, after all, they are the last means of defense on the road for you to avoid any collision. Therefore, your brakes must be in excellent condition at all times. When your brakes begin to become inferior over time, they will make noises to signal that they need attention. Please do not ignore these sounds. If you notice any of these noises, it is time to immediately schedule service with a dealership you trust like Barbour Hendrick Honda.

Squeaking Noise

As you drive and come to a stop on the road, you may hear squeaking or squealing. This can be the result of your brake pads wearing down. When you hear this sound, do not hesitate to schedule auto maintenance for your brakes immediately.

Thumping Sound

If you hear a thumping sound when you brake, this is most likely coming from your front wheels where most of your brake force is placed. This is probably indicative of warped brake rotors. Along with hearing a thumping sound, another sign of warped brake rotors is if your steering wheel also shakes.

Dragging Noise

Should it sound like your brakes are dragging when you apply pressure to the brakes, the cause could be the result of a brake caliper or brake drum seizing or not being fully released after taking your foot off the brake pedal. You may feel and hear the dragging from the rear or front brakes as the brake pad or shoe continues to be in contact with the brake mechanism as you drive. This causes the mechanism to wear down which affects the performance and fuel mileage.

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Schedule Service at Barbour Hendrick Honda

Whenever anything feels or sounds off with your brakes, do not delay getting service. For those in the Greenville, North Carolina area, you can rely on the knowledgeable service team at Barbour Hendrick Honda’s service center. Call to make an appointment or stop by for maintenance today.

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