How To Protect Your Car From Sand

If you live in Greenville, North Carolina, you may not give sand too much thought. Your charming home city, however, is only a couple of hours from the Atlantic Ocean. This means opportunities to visit the beach! While a day at the beach can be marvelous, loading up in your vehicle at the end of the day with all your things and yourself covered in sand is not as much fun. Thankfully, FitMyCar offers some helpful advice that you can heed to protect your Honda from the sand.

Shake Off Loose Sand

After you leave the beach, the first thing you can do to protect your car from excess sand is to shake off loose sand from your hands, arms, legs, and feet. You will also want to shake off sand from your clothes and beach items. As an extra tip, you can dust baby powder on your skin. The baby powder helps you to dust off sand from your arms and legs.

Rinse Off

Once you have dusted off the extra sand as best as possible, you may still find that you are sticky from wet sand. Before hopping into your vehicle, take a quick rinse in one of the open, public showers that are present at many public beaches. Just take care to not dry off with a towel that was present at the beach. Keep a spare towel in your car that never touched the sand to dry off.

Use All-Weather Floor Mats

Of course, sand seems to get everywhere even if you are careful and take the steps to shake and rinse off the sand. It still may find its way into your vehicle, but you can take care to not let it get all over your floors by using all-weather floor mats. Designed to trap sand, dirt, and other debris, all-weather floor mats will block the sand from getting into your vehicle’s carpet.

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Enjoy Your Next Beach Day Stress-free

It is important to keep sand out of your vehicle not just for the visual appeal, but also for the longevity of your car. Trying to guard your vehicle from getting sand may discourage you from even visiting the beach; but if you follow these simple tips thoroughly, you can still enjoy a day at the beach while ensuring that your vehicle does not receive damage from sand.

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