Top Places to Go in Greenville in Your Honda Odyssey

Greenville is an expansive city with gobs of history and exciting places waiting for you. Barbour Hendrick Honda wants to make sure that you know of the best places to visit in this wonderful city. Here are three adventures worth taking in your new, versatile Honda Odyssey.

South Tar River Greenway South Tar River Greenway

Pack up your family, your dogs, and a picnic, hop in your Odyssey, and go. The Greenway is a walking path that winds down the Tar River from Downtown Greenville all the way past Greenville Boulevard.There are several places to stop next to the river and relax, and several more places scenic enough for that picnic you packed. Get some exercise, get some beautiful views of the trees and the city, get some fun in your life.

Atomic Laser DomeThe Atomic Laser Dome

Guys, guys, guys. This is a 15,000 square-foot building with an arcade, slides, inflatables, and a pirate-themed laser tag dome. Need I say more? GET IN YOUR ODYSSEY RIGHT NOW.


Eastern Carolina Village & Farm Museum 1840-1940

The Eastern Carolina Village & Farm Museum 1840-1940 seeks to ‘preserve and interpret architectural and agricultural life in Pitt County and Eastern North Carolina from 1840-1940. For all you history buffs, and for all those that would like to be history buff, this is an excellent place to experience first-hand how life existed before these trying times. Hundreds of artifacts fill eighteen buildings on five acres off of County Home Road. And! Added bonus! The museum is neighbors with the Farmers Market. It is a good day to get that Odyssey a little dusty.

Greenville, North Carolina, is a place bursting with entertainment and education. Take advantage, and let your Honda Odyssey take you there.

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