What’s New In The 2023 Honda CR-V?


Honda owners know and love the CR-V, which offers SUV capability in a capable and agile format. However, a new design and some big interior changes for the 2023 Honda CR-V are getting people excited. The updates could expand car buyers’ choices. If other Honda models like the Pilot aren’t right for you, the new CR-V is likely a good fit. Let’s take a look at what’s new in the 2023 Honda CR-V.

More Seating Options

Rumors are swirling that there will be a third-row seating option for the 2023 CR-V. While Honda hasn’t unveiled the full specs yet, it’s possible the third-row seating will be like the third-row style of the Ford Explorer. The CR-V has been a two-row SUV up until now. So, many industry watchers believe that buyers will have a choice, maybe with drive options as well.

More Road Presence

Honda has revealed that the new CR-V will be a little over 3 inches longer than the current version. This added length, coupled with a redesigned interior, could mean a whole new feel. In addition, it appears from the teaser photos that Honda has released that the grille will be larger. With these changes, Honda has created an SUV that remains versatile but creates a larger presence on the road.

Hybrid Options Continue

Buyers can currently choose the turbocharged or a hybrid engine. Honda has revealed that drivers can expect the same power and performance in the hybrid option. And while it’s just a rumor so far, some say that a plug-in hybrid CR-V is coming.

Tons of Choices for Buyers

The CR-V is so popular because it offers a range of packages to fit every budget and lifestyle. From the base LX package to the feature-filled Touring, buyers can get the best combo of style and function for them. While it’s not clear whether there will be big changes in the package options, it seems like the new exterior design will be standard. Perhaps the third-row option will be a choice for the EX-L or Touring packages.

Finally, the CR-V has won several awards over the years, including the 2021 Best Compact SUV for the Money. While we don’t know the pricing for the 2023 CR-V yet, we do expect Honda to continue offering a great SUV at a price point that makes buyers happy.

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Be the First to Try

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