Why Are Honda Vehicles So Reliable?

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Once people buy a Honda, they often become lifelong fans of the brand. And when you ask them why they stick with Honda, many say it’s because the brand is so reliable. People know Honda offers safe, long-lasting cars and trucks. But what makes them so reliable? Let’s look at why Hondas stand up to the test of time.

A Deeply Held Work Culture

To understand why Hondas are so long-lasting, it’s important to think about the culture behind the brand. The Honda brand culture focuses on attention to detail and ensuring all processes make the highest quality parts. Because Honda sticks to very strict rules for producing parts and cars, Honda owners can get many years of safe use out of their cars.

Always Improving

One type of business model that started in Japan is called continuous improvement. Many Japanese brands use this model to guide them in making their products. Honda believes in always looking for a better, more thoughtful way to make parts and put cars together. In addition, continuous improvement also cares about how to make products more safely.

They Invest in their Workers

Honda believes that great cars start with great workers. They invest in and support everyone who works for Honda, from the engineers who design the cars to the plant operators. When the workers care about quality, then it simply becomes a part of the entire process. In addition, Honda makes sure that every worker knows they are valuable to the company.

Made to Last

Hondas are not the most expensive cars, yet drivers keep their Hondas for many years. In fact, many people keep their Civics and Pilots for a decade or more because they can rely on the car to get them where they are going safely. Not only that, but when owners need to replace a part, they know they can find it for an affordable price. As a result, repair costs are often much lower over the years than for other brands. Also, service technicians get detailed training to help keep Honda drivers going for longer.

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Consistent Quality

Finally, you can get a reliable car whether you select the Accord or the CR-V. In fact, every model offers a different look and set of features, but all provide owners with consistent quality. It is common to see Hondas on the road that are 20 years old or even older. In addition, many Honda models consistently win awards.

If you’re still thinking about whether a Honda is a good choice, then it’s time you experienced the reliability for yourself. Come to Barbour-Hendrick Honda Greenville in Greenville, North Carolina, for a test drive. Whether you need a minivan like the Odyssey or a tough truck like the Ridgeline, we have a Honda that will meet your needs for years to come.

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