What’s the Best Name For Your Honda?


One of the most exciting parts about purchasing a new car – besides all of the great new features and utility options that Honda can provide for you – is taking it home, getting to know it, and giving it a name. The name of your cars stick with them forever – decades from now you’ll be sitting somewhere talking fondly of the road trips you took with your Silver Bullet or the adventures you went on with your Martha. The name is important – but as it turns out, there’s definitely some rules you might want to go by when picking out a name for your new Honda.

It might be a wise idea to stay away from people names you find to be provocative – nothing is creepier than hearing someone talk about their car while everyone around them thinks they’re talking about their significant other. Consider your car’s make and model – can you make a name out of it? Make it clever.

Go with the trends, if you’re into that kind of thing. There are lists of a thousand baby names out there – especially currently popular ones. A baby name for your new baby. Or, get inspired by your other interests and hobbies! Have a favorite musician? Name it after them! But get creative with it, put a spin on it. Visit some car shows and see what kind of car names are going around these days!

If you’re still grasping for ideas, don’t forget to try the old favorite adjective + noun combination. The Silver Bullet, for one, the Blue Bomber. Something like “Lightning McQueen” will turn heads and get attention. The name of your new car is something that you will never get rid of, so be smart, and have fun with it! Visit us at Barbour Hendrick Honda in Greenville, North Carolina today to get some help picking out that new Honda and a perfect name to go along with it!