What To Expect In The Upcoming 11th Generation Civic

11th generation civic

The Honda Civic has been around since the early 1970s and continues to be popular today, and the vehicle’s staying power is due to numerous factors. Those factors include its sporty ride and efficiency. Also, Honda keeps it fresh with regular updates. The newest update is here, with the 11th generation Civic sedan on its way to dealerships. Check out what you can expect with this impressive sedan.

An Updated Exterior

The Honda Civic is always stylish, and the 11th generation sedan looks better than ever. The new Civic has an upscale exterior that’s sportier and sleeker. The sleek look includes clean, modern lines and an elongated hood. This creates a modern look that looks great on the road.

Clean Interior Styling

You’ll also notice some big changes when you look inside the 11th generation Honda Civic sedan. The design is spacious and uncluttered, providing ample room for passengers. You will also notice that the visibility has improved. The redesigned interior provides panoramic views. It also reduces windshield reflections from the instrument panel.

The new Civic also uses high-end materials. These materials look great and are practical. Take the materials used for the center console trim, for instance. They were selected because they hide smudges and fingerprints. Without a doubt, every detail was well-thought-out when making this car.

Improved Technology

The new Civic has undergone a massive upgrade in regards to technology. That includes a 7-inch LCD instrument display in the LX, Sport, and EX trims. These trims also include an all-digital tachometer and speedometer. Plus, you’ll still have a physical speedometer dial in the vehicle.

If you upgrade to the Touring trim, you’ll get a 10.2-inch all-digital LCD instrument display. You can customize the display using the steering wheel. You’ll be able to choose from bar graphs and round needle-and-dial gauges. This makes it easy to choose something that matches your style.

Depending on the trim, you’ll also get a 7-inch or 9-inch color touchscreen display. The 7-inch is the largest standard option to ever come with a Civic. Then the 9-inch is the biggest touchscreen in any Honda across the board.

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Fuel-Efficient and Powerful

The 11th generation Honda Civic is also fuel-efficient and powerful. You’ll choose from two 4-cylinder engines. Both engines provide ample power and make the Civic a joy to drive. At the same time, they also offer better fuel efficiency than the 2021 Honda Civic. You’ll get the biggest increase in fuel efficiency with the LX trim, but all trims provide a boost.

These are some of the upgrades you’ll get if you upgrade to the 2022 Honda Civic sedan. Learn more by visiting Barbour-Hendrick Honda Greenville in Greenville, North Carolina. We will go over the features and can take you for a test drive when it’s available.