The Honda Accord Tech Features Are Set To Amaze!

2015-honda-accord-coupe technology

The Honda Accord is a class-leading sedan – full of family-friendly utility features and stylish trim options. However, one of its shining features is the technology available to improve the quality of life with your vehicle. The 2016 Honda Accord is packed with advanced technology – such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

With the regular customer more and more often seeking smartphone compatibility and synchronicity with other major players in their daily lives, it only made sense for Honda to offer such connections in their class-leading vehicles. The 2016 Honda Accord also includes Honda Sensing, to keep drivers safe while in the car. A new Display Audio touchscreen interface is included along with an HD Radio. Rear parking sensors bulk up the new safety features.

Honda will be offering a 9-inch wheel option on the 2016 Accord. The new car has amazing fuel efficiency, using the 3.5 Liter V6 which is the best engine of the car maker to date. The included Android Auto supports Android 5.0 version and higher. Apps included are Google Now, Google Maps, Messaging and Music. Apple CarPlay, however, supports iOS 7.1 versions or higher.

The carmaker announced that the 2016 Accord will be one of the first high-volume cars on the market to feature both Apple CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto devices – although the price has yet to be revealed. This move is most promising for Honda as it seems to be answering the customer’s demand.

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