Schedule A Tour Of ECU This Month

ECU Tour

Choosing a college is a big decision. You need to choose a place that checks all the boxes regarding education, finances, and atmosphere. You can find out about the education and cost online or in brochures, but when it comes to determining the atmosphere, you have to see it in person; it’s the only way you’ll know if the school is a good fit.

If East Carolina University is on your list, schedule a tour so you can decide if you want to apply for admission. You can register for a campus tour online. Then, you’ll need to prepare for your tour. There are a few things to keep in mind when touring ECU.

Take Photos and Notes

ECU probably won’t be the only campus you visit. If you visit several colleges, they will all start to run together. You’ll remember something you liked or didn’t like about a college, but you won’t remember which one it was. Avoid that problem by taking notes and photos of the tour. Then you can go back to the notes and pictures to refresh your memory when making a decision. This will make the decision-making process so much easier.

Go Beyond the Information Session

Your tour guide will take you on a pre-planned tour when you visit ECU. You need to experience more than the standard tour if you’re going to determine if ECU is right for you. Walk around the campus a bit and see if you can sit in on a class. The more you learn about the school, the more you’ll know if it’s the right fit.

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Go Out on Your Own

Students can’t get a feel for a school if they are with their parents the entire time. If you’re a parent, it can be hard to let your child do that, but it is for the best. You want your child to pick a school he or she will love, so this is critical.

While your child is experiencing the campus, you can visit Barbour Hendrick Honda. You can pick up a new vehicle for you to enjoy. Then, you and your child will both have a reason to smile. Your child will be happy about ECU and you’ll be happy about your new wheels.

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