2019 Honda Passport vs. 2019 Toyota 4Runner

Honda Passport Comparison

In your search for the perfect SUV for off-roading adventure and daily travel alike, you will no doubt want to take a closer look at two of the prime contenders among this type of vehicle: the Honda Passport and the Toyota 4Runner. If you’re initially drawn in by the two trusted and iconic brand names, you’ll soon see that that’s not nearly all these two vehicles have to offer. They are both well-built and value-packed, of course, and they are both able to take on tough terrain as well as smooth stretches of highway. But which of the two pulls ahead? To get your answer, you’ll want to compare how the 2019 Passport stacks up to the 2019 4Runner in the areas that matter most to you. Here, we’ve taken a look at just a few aspects of these two SUVs. Read on to learn more about the Passport and the 4Runner and get a better idea of which one is right for you.

Space and Comfort, Peace & Quiet

While both of these vehicles offer up sufficient passenger space, the Passport gets the edge with more headroom, legroom, hip room, and shoulder room than its Toyota rival. That can mean the difference between a peaceful and comfortable ride and a road trip that’s fraught with bickering. If the former sounds like a better option, then you’ll want to choose the Passport. The Passport’s active noise cancellation technology keeps road and engine noise at bay so that you can enjoy a serene and relaxing journey filled with only the sounds you want to hear – conversation, for example, or your favorite driving soundtrack. The Toyota 4Runner doesn’t offer active noise cancellation.

Fuel Economy

The Passport gets better fuel economy numbers than the 4Runner, thanks in part to the Honda model’s engine control system, which can shut down half the engine’s cylinders to boost efficiency. There is no comparable system in the 4Runner. With the value-added fuel efficiency of the Passport, you’ll save money every time you’re able to pass up another gas station en route to your destination. These seemingly small savings add up over time, and you’ll end up saving a bundle over the span of time that you drive the Passport.

Ride Quality

Long road trips inside the Toyota 4Runner can be rough – literally. This SUV is designed more for off-roading enthusiasts than it is for daily drivers or family road trippers. As such, the 4Runner’s ride on pavement can’t compare with the smooth and composed road feel of the Honda Passport. The Passport cushions occupants from road bumps and eliminates the jostling and jarring you’re likely to experience inside the 4Runner.

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