Get Your Mother’s Day Flowers from Local Florists

Flower Shop
Mother’s Day is around the corner. Don’t be that guy who waits until the last minute and has to scramble to the CVS for a box of candy and the last card with the bent envelope. Show you Mom, Wife, Sister, Aunt, or Grandmother how much you care by planning... [read more]

Treat Your Sweet Tooth at a Nearby Dessert Shop

Dessert Shop Owners
If you have a sweet tooth or are looking for great treats for an upcoming party, make your way to some of your local dessert shops and say hello. Come and sample what your local businesses offer for any occasion. Ducks Donuts With an inviting family atmosphere, this franchise feels more like... [read more]

How Servicing Your Honda Helps You Do Your Part on Earth Day

Honda service appointments
You know that you need to service your Honda to keep it running, but that’s only part of the story. When you service your Honda, you will actually do your part to help the planet. If you care about the environment, servicing your vehicle is a must. Keep Your Spark Plugs... [read more]

Visit the “Perceptions and Recognitions” Exhibit in Greenville

Woman in an Art Gallery
The Greenville Museum of Art prides itself on culture and sharing those experiences with the public. Opening its doors in 1935, this Greenville museum has a long history with its city. In 1986, this museum received accreditation by the American Association of Museums, the highest honor that can be bestowed... [read more]

Best Brunch Destinations in Greenville, NC

Brunch Greenville
If you're looking for a great brunch destination in Greenville, North Carolina, there are plenty to choose from. The five places mentioned below have certainly made a name for themselves and offer a variety of yummy dishes. Your taste buds will be fully satisfied, and your wallet won't be compromised! The Scullery The... [read more]

Tips for Remembering to Service Your Honda

Honda Service Greenville
You want your Honda to last for years, so it is essential that you perform the proper maintenance at the right times. Follow some tips for remembering to service your Honda. That way, you will get longevity out of your vehicle. Use an App for Your Honda Service Remembering when to maintain... [read more]

The Color Vibe 5K is Running Through Greenville

Color Vibe 5K Greenville
Whether your resolution this year was to lose weight, go on more adventures, do more for the community, or spend more time with the family, join the fun at the Color Vibe 5k run in Greenville, North Carolina on March 25th and you will enjoy a bit of all of... [read more]

When to Schedule Honda Service

Woman taking car to the mechanic
Hondas are built to last, but that longevity comes by keeping regularly scheduled maintenance appointments. If you’re a new Honda owner, you might not be aware of when you need to schedule an appointment for vehicle maintenance. Keep this Honda maintenance schedule handy so your that Honda will purr like... [read more]