Check Out The Most Common Car Problems

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These days, cars have many standard features and tons of electronic parts that vehicles in the past didn’t have. In addition, cars need regular maintenance to stay in good condition. And people are driving cars longer and farther than ever, leading to car problems. Check out the most common car problems you are likely to encounter.

Reduced Fuel Economy

While this problem can be subtle, it’s important to note. If you see that your fuel economy is not as good as it used to be, it can be a sign that things aren’t running as well. You may need to check your fuel or air filters or sensors. When one of these parts wears down or stops working, you’ll burn more fuel than you normally would.

A Drained Battery

If you try to start your car and it doesn’t work, it could be that your battery is old. It might be time to replace the battery, especially if it has gone over the warrantied number of years. However, sometimes other problems can drain the battery. You can test your battery at home or at an auto parts store. If the battery is still good, then it’s time to have a mechanic take a look at your car.

Brake for Service

Unfortunately, the brakes on your car will wear down no matter what kind of driver you are. Of course, hard stops can cause brakes to wear down more quickly. If you notice that it is taking you longer to come to a stop, or if you hear squeaking or grinding noises, then make an appointment for service. If you wait too long to service your brakes, you risk having an accident or causing more costly damage to your car.

On Shaky Ground

Sometimes when there’s a problem in one part of the car, we notice it in another. In fact, you might find out your tires are wearing out by the shaking in your steering wheel. Uneven tire wear, tire bulges, and bad tread can cause tension. Your steering wheel might shake more and more at higher speeds or pull strongly to one side. Many people often think they have an alignment problem, but they really need new tires. In addition, by the time you notice a shaky steering wheel, you’re probably already dealing with reduced fuel economy.

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Time for Service

It’s better to schedule service sooner rather than later before the problem becomes costly. At Barbour Hendrick Honda Greenville in Greenville, North Carolina, you can rest assured that the service department will handle your car problems quickly and professionally. You can also schedule proactive service and tune-ups to help you avoid getting stuck with a bigger issue down the road. Make an appointment today, and get back on the road safely as soon as possible.

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