The Honda Ridgeline Reviews Are In

2019 Honda Ridgeline

Honda’s versatile and innovative pickup has been winning over truck lovers for years with its impressive offerings and comfort-oriented cabin. If you’re in the market for a compact truck that offers the space you need, the technology you want, and the comfort you deserve, then it’s time to meet the Honda Ridgeline. Critics and drivers alike agree that the 2019 Ridgeline brings a lot of great things to the road. Once you’ve experienced all that this truck has to offer, we think you will, too.

Comfort Is Key

The Honda Ridgeline outshines many of its class rivals in terms of comfort. And we’re not just talking features, but also ride quality. The 2019 Ridgeline has both in spades, with a refined cabin that’s hailed as one of the nicest in the class, plus a cushioned, smooth, and poised ride that promises relaxing road trips and daily drives. The ride quality is thanks in part to the Ridgeline’s unibody platform, which allows it to showcase the carlike driving dynamics you would expect from a premium-grade sedan.

Further enhancing comfort for everyone onboard, the Ridgeline is packed with connectivity and entertainment features as well as safety equipment to give drivers more confidence and peace of mind on every drive.

Versatile Cargo Space

One thing that stands out in the Ridgeline is its cargo-carrying versatility. For starters, the box itself is remarkably spacious for the class, with 30.5 cubic feet of space. But that’s not all. There’s also a convenient lockable in-bed trunk that allows for extra storage of things you want to keep out of the elements. There’s even a drain in case you want to use it as a cooler. And with no intruding wheel wells in the Ridgeline’s box, there is more flat, usable space than you’ll find in other class contenders. The dual-function tailgate opens down like a standard tailgate and can also swing outward like a door, making it easy to load and unload all kinds of cargo.

The True Meaning of Value

Value is about more than just a price tag. It’s about reliability, included features, fuel efficiency, and overall quality. Honda is a brand known for creating vehicles that are packed with tons of value and have solid resale value. The Ridgeline is the perfect example of how the Honda brand excels at giving drivers a lot of bang for their buck.

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Find Your Ridgeline Today

You’ll want to check out the Honda Ridgeline up close and in person to see if it’s the right pickup for you, and we invite you to do that at Barbour Hendrick Honda Greenville. You can explore the models we have in stock, get answers to your questions, learn about our special offers, and test drive this one-of-a-kind pickup today.

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