Honda CR-V vs HR-V: Which Roomy SUV is Right for You?

2016 Honda CR-V vs 2016 Honda HR-V Greenville

Honda has tried and succeeded at designing  good quality cars that fit the needs of their customer. Consumer driven demand and desire for versatility are the a couple of the many reasons why Honda has developed two amazing, roomy and efficient SUV’s. The 2016 Honda CR-V was joined this year with the all new 2016 Honda HR-V. While both of the SUV’s share many of the same great  features, there are a few things that would make customers choose the 2016 Honda CR-V over the 2016 Honda HR-V and vice versa.

Honda SUV Exterior Comparison

When you first look at the Honda HR-V, you will realize that it is not just a miniature sized copy of the CR-V. The HR-V is a bit smaller than the CR-V, but it also has its own sleek exterior design that sets it apart from the CR-V. Apart from the difference in the sizes of the cars; there is also the difference in style. One of the most noticeably differences in exterior style is the design and placement of the door handles. The HR-V has its door handles located evidently on the C-pillar.

Honda SUV Price & Performance Comparison

The 2016 CR-V Honda is a bit expensive than the HR-V. This is because it is more powerful due to its 185-HP, 2.4 liter, and four-cylinder engine. The HR-V 2016 Honda is a bit less expensive. It has 141-HP and 1.8liters size engine that has four cylinders. There are those who will find the HR-V easier to manage and handle than the CR-V due its smaller size. Despite its smaller size, it has been fully equipped with the Magic seat technology. This is only found is Honda designs. This gives the car allowance to accommodate large cargo.

Safety Comparison of the Honda HR-V & CR-V

Both SUVs  were designed to uphold the high safety standards that Honda holds all of their vehicles to. The safety of both the driver and passenger are put into consideration. They both have standard anti-lock brakes. There is an airbag system that is extensive, seat-belts that are adjustable, and traction control that make the vehicle more stable.

The 2016 Honda HR-V and CR-V are both family cars that are excellent. The cars blend in safety, worth, sleekness, and modern design. The best way to decide which Honda SUV is the right fit for you is to visit Barbour Hendrick Honda in Greenville today and test drive each vehicle. No matter which Honda SUV you choose, you will end up with a safe, reliable and efficient SUV.