Holiday Shopping in Greenville, NC

Christmas Shopping Greenville

You know what Christmas lights and holiday carols mean; it’s getting closer to Christmas, so it’s getting closer to handing out gifts. If you have trouble finding the perfect gift, go to the Greenville Mall. This mall has the perfect mix of specialty shops and well-known retailers, and it has some restaurants mixed in, too. You will shop ‘til you drop and find one gift after another when you go here.

Lots of Shopping in One Place

Lots of people think the Greenville Mall is small, but that isn’t the case; it looks small from the outside, but there are lots of stores packed inside. You can find everything from jewelry to housewares, so be sure to stop in and do some shopping.

Find a Unique Gift

You can go to the normal stores, or you can step outside of the box a bit and find something unique. Hot Topic is a great place if you want to find something a little different. If you have some little kids on your list, you can get them a Funko Pop. Hot Topic always has the latest ones, so you will be the cool aunt, uncle, mom, or dad. Plus, it has some cool t-shirts and fun items, such as Bob’s Burgers keychains and crazy posters.

You can also find some unique items at Spencer Gifts, which is a great place to get some gag gifts. You can play some fun pranks with the items you’ll find there.


Barbour Hendrick Honda

The mall is a great place to shop, but it doesn’t have everything you need: You will also need to stop by Barbour Hendrick Honda in Greenville, North Carolina, to get that last item on your list. No, you don’t need to get a new vehicle for your family. Get one for yourself. You’ve been good this year, too, and you deserve something special. Stop by and let us help you pick it out.


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