Explore Your Artistic Side at The Painted Peacock

Hand painted pottery full of paintbrushes

Let your creative juices flow at The Painted Peacock. You can choose from over 300 designs and paint our own pottery, or make use of the creative studio at this location. Whether you decide to bring the whole family or hang out with friends, The Painted Peacock offers tons of fun for people of all ages. Plan a visit and make something special for yourself, or for someone you care about.

The Painted Peacock

This creativity hub is located right here in Greensville, NC. It’s open Monday through Sunday, so you can stop by for a visit on any day of the week. The Painted Peacock has all of the tools necessary to make your pottery masterpiece or your personalized art board. So, you don’t have to worry about bringing anything other than your imagination. No matter what level of creativity you consider yourself to be on, a session here is sure to be a ton of fun. Find out more about how it all works, here.

Are you interested in having a board painted or a custom designed created, but don’t have the time to do it yourself? The Painted Peacock can assist you with this need as well! Simply call 252-758-1100 or email the details of the design you’d like to susan.thepaintedpeacock@gmail.com. This way, you can still have that special gift or the perfect piece for your home – even if you don’t have time to create it yourself.

Creating art with paint brushes

Special Offers

Take advantage of the amazing specials offered at The Painted Peacock throughout the week.

Mondays: College Day – Are you a college student? Bring your college ID between 10 AM and 6 PM to receive access to the studio for only $2!

Tuesdays: Senior Day – Over 55 years young? Stop by the studio between 10 AM and 6 PM and receive 15% off. Everyone who comes with you will take advantage of this discount as well!

Wednesdays: Creative Kids/Wacky Wednesdays – Bring your whole family to the studio on Wednesday for a day filled with discounts. From 10 AM until 9 PM, children age 12 and under get into the studio for free! If that’s not enough, you can take advantage of Wacky Wednesday savings as well. From 6 PM until 9 PM on Wednesdays, everyone over the age of 12 receives half off of their studio fees!

Thursdays: Happy Hour – It’s Happy Hour all day long on Thursdays at the Painted Peacock! Get half off of all adult fees from 10 AM until 9 PM, and BYOB for guests age 21 and up.

Fridays: TGIF – Bring in the weekend with discounts! Everyone receives half off of studio fees on Fridays from 6 PM until 9 PM.

Sundays: Family Day – The Painted Peacock celebrates family fun. Get half off of everyone’s studio fees when you paint with a child between 12 PM and 6 PM.

**If you are looking for an even better deal to compensate for the ample amount of time you plan to spend at the studio, look no further. There’s a Painting Club available just for you. Receive great deals and discounts, including 3 months of unlimited studio time!

Small girl making funny face with painted hands

Plan Your Celebration with The Painted Peacock

Would you like to plan a party so that you can enjoy creating with friends? Schedule an event for kids or adults at The Painted Peacock! Whether you’d like to have a party at the studio, party after hours, or enjoy Pottery-to-Go, there’s an option for you!

If you are in need of a vehicle to get you to the studio, Barbour-Hendrick Honda has got you covered. Our dedicated professionals will go above and beyond to assist you with finding the best vehicle for you. That way, you can easily take your family and friends out to The Painted Peacock whenever you want!

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